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Our company has extensive experience in providing a wide range of services and innovative solutions to clients in all sectors and with different budgets.

Whether you want one of our sales representatives to come to visit you or if you prefer to come and see us at our offices, our team will be happy to receive you

OS Services

Keep the architecture and your applications available at all times with our 24 × 7 SysOps service.

Monitor alerts 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, detecting incidents immediately and solving them as soon as possible. Enjoy proactive maintenance, always in compliance with current regulations.


Supervision of the entire H / W infrastructure of the company to avoid problems in the short / medium term.


Service virtualization allows you to digitize or create new offerings that can be used instead of real services.


Automate processes so that every mechanism is performed without the need for operator


Management of incidents in the infrastructure and contact with partners to resolve



We help develop a resilient, agile and secure cybersecurity approach through roadmaps and models aligned with your organization's overall



We make our experience available to the client to offer courses, both online and face-to-face, oriented to the IT field.



We evaluate the current situation of the company, analyzing the efficiency and security of the computer systems and exposing the vulnerabilities of your company.


Video surveillance

We are dedicated to the installation and maintenance of closed television circuits and we offer you the best possible solution.

Security Services

The fight against cyber threats must be tackled through different security systems that operate and behave in an integrated manner to cover all sources of risk.

In addition to the secure and robust development of servers, perimeter security systems such as Firewalls, VPN or IPS must be combined with security in internal networks (such as protection of wireless networks), security of the workplace or mobile devices, antimalware, security in applications such databases or web services and content control tools in web browsing and email.

Security audits, penetration tests, and ethical hacking will help put these security measures to the test.

Productivity Services

Systems such as mail, video calls and storage have become basic and necessary tools to have the highest productivity of your employees. The process will be completely transparent for your employees and in less time than you can imagine.



Given the importance of having a perfect backup system, we carry out daily reviews both locally and externally.



To make video collaboration part of your business culture, you need a modern infrastructure capable of managing workflows.



We facilitate Digital Transformation processes, providing the Unified Communications layer on all types of platforms and devices.



Monitoring the components of the local network, such as firewalls, switches, routers and anticipating possible security breaches.